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Welcome to TK2.Design, where every creation is meticulously crafted for you. This print-on-demand operation ensures unmatched quality and a personal touch on every item. Let's bring the beauty of nature into your life with handcrafted treasures.


Art and Commissions

Looking for something custom. I specialize in pet portraits but would love to create your ideas! 

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Apparel, Decals, Print Media, etc. from design to manufacturing and delivery. Lets make your vision come to life.

Causes, Fundraising, School and More

Looking for a full service fundraising campain or setting up a shop for your group/company. lets talk!

Scientific Graphics and Design

Let's talk about creating high-impact graphics that convey complex scientific concepts in a visually appealing way. Every image should convey a meaningful message that can be easily understood by the intended audience, whether it's for scientific journals, patents, or other types of publications. With my extensive experience and expertise in graphic design, we can bring your concepts to life in a way that is both informative and visually stunning.

TK2.Darker - THE Darker Side

Welcome to the edgier side of TK2.Design, where I share all the hilarious yet inappropriate content that I just have to get out of my system. But don't worry, I've got you covered: enter at your own risk so you know what you're getting into. I can't guarantee that you won't be offended, but I can guarantee that you'll be entertained.


627 Greybull Ave.

Greybull, Wyoming

Hours May Vary 

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