#TK2Drawit 5 Sticker Pack
  • #TK2Drawit 5 Sticker Pack

    #TK2Drawit is a completely free way of getting your photos drawn up! All you have to do is use #TK2Drawit on your photos on Instagram and when it catches my eye, I will draw it up! New Drawings go up every week and each month they are compiled together into a stickers pack like this one!


    ⁠Sticker Pack includes the following stickers


    1. S103 - Scud (Photo From @HowardTheDuck23)
    2. S104 - Foam Fly (Photo From @TheSuburbanFly)
    3. S105 - Mayfly Emerger (Photo From @FlyTying.Maniac)
    4. S106 - Hot Head Leech (Photo From @BLGuideService)


    Printed in full color on a white vinyl with a UV resitant laminate for outdoor use!  




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